Your Lutech equipment may come with a 1-3 year warranty from the time of purchase, depending on the equipment. This covers both repair and parts for the main unit. The accessories that come with the unit usually has a 6 month warranty which can vary depending on the accessory. The customer is responsible for the shipping fee when sending in the product.

If the product is under warranty and is indeed defective, then it will be repaired or replaced and shipped back free of charge. 

If the item is not under warranty or is not defective, then the customer will be responsible for parts and repair costs as well as the shipping charge to ship the product back to the customer once repairs have been completed.

The warranty does not apply if the product:

  • Has been damaged from improper operation or misuse.
  • Has been damaged because of improper connection to other equipment.
  • Has been damaged physically, whether by accident or on purpose.
  • Has been damaged because of storage under inappropriate conditions.
  • Has been modified without the written authorization of Lutech.
  • Has had its outer casing opened without written authorization of Lutech.
  • Has had the serial number removed or defaced.

    Damage during shipping:

    Please note that Lutech is not responsible for any damages the unit incurs while being shipped in for repair. The customer needs to make sure that the product is packed safely and securely when shipping. Any damage claims must be made to the courier by the customer.